If a child has a diagnosis of “leukemia” or “aplastic anemia,” this means that not only drugs but also blood are needed to save him. Blood transfusion is one of the types of therapy for hematological diseases, which are large. It will die within a few months. No matter how much money was collected, such a child will not survive without blood transfusions. During leukemia, during the acute development of the disease, after each course of chemotherapy, the bone marrow produces only sick cells and the patient needs blood transfusion. Donor blood is needed undergoing chemotherapy, after which the work of the bone marrow is inhibited and it produces less blood cells. In aplastic anemia, the bone marrow stops producing all blood cells. In the absence of silent cell people die from bleeding and infection, harmless healthy lyudey.V the treatment a child needs regulyarnoeperelivanie krovi.Odnim important area of ​​the Fund – is the promotion and development of gratuitous donorstva.Krome The Fund pays for the production and dissemination of information materials promoting remunerated donation.

Help poor families without social security

This project of the fund was created to assist families in need (single mothers, large families, families in difficult life situations, families with no social support from the state, as well as no minimum living conditions). Within the framework of this project of the Welcomekindness Foundation, we provide material support to families: we buy food, clothes, wood-burning stoves to provide warm housing in the winter. We also buy animals (cows, pigs, chickens and other animals) to provide food to families without any income. We believe that there are many good people in the world who are ready to help others. Do not be indifferent! You can donate old or unwanted clothes to the foundation, which we will distribute to needy families in the future, or you can make a financial donation to those who need the help of each of us.

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Medical equipment

Cancer treatment is one of the most high-tech areas of medicine, even the most experienced doctor will be powerless if he does not have modern, high-precision equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. Today there are many smart medical devices for diagnostics, laboratory tests, operations, treatment and maintenance of patients. Such equipment is very expensive and many clinics cannot afford to equip modern medical equipment. The purchase of such equipment is not always paid from the state budget, but sometimes the lives of sick children depend on such equipment. One of the activities of the “Welcomekindness” foundation is to raise funds for medical Equipment for clinics where children with cancer are treated.


One of the important areas of the “Welcomekindness” Foundation is the psychological and social rehabilitation of children who have suffered serious illnesses. Cancer is not a sentence today, every year thousands of children fully recover and their number is constantly growing. Severe illness and long treatment exhaust the child physically and psychologically; it is very difficult to adapt to ordinary life after the hospital ward. The disease often leaves behind new complexes, fears and physical limitations, in order to help the child to get comfortable after the illness and start a new life in full force, rehabilitation is necessary. This rehabilitation project exists to help children get rid of all the ailments that the disease leaves behind, but still the implementation of this project requires financial expenses: proper nutrition, additional medications, purchase and transportation of equipment (including for children who have remained with limited health opportunities), train or plane tickets – all this costs money. We ask everyone to support the rehabilitation project – which is perhaps the most joyful of all the projects of our foundation!

Help for orphans

We consider it important to provide material assistance to those who by coincidence (both of them or one parent died) or children who were abandoned and left without guardianship. All this we do thanks to you – volunteers and donators who change the world step by step every day . = Getting into an orphanage is only half the trouble. When a child reaches the age of majority, he leaves the orphanage when he is completely unprepared for life. The Foundation provides material support to children in orphanages, purchasing bedding, school books, hygiene products, toys, and much more. All girls and boys should have a person who is willing to spend time at least a few hours a week – show the world, communicate , provide spiritual support. These people sometimes become volunteers who give the necessary support to the child and become his mentor. In our power to support children who are just starting their lives without adult support, you can become a volunteer and together with us to help orphans, for this visit page volunteers / volunteers /, or provide financial assistance, read here.

Diagnostics and analyzes

Success in treating any disease depends on timely diagnosis, the sooner the doctors make an accurate diagnosis and choose the right treatment tactics, the higher the chances of a complete victory over the disease. For timely diagnosis and accurate test results, doctors need the most advanced medical equipment, the most advanced laboratories, and laboratory reagents. Some of the necessary research is paid from the state budget, but there are some tests that cannot be done at the clinic where the patient lives, in such cases tests are sent to another country or the patient himself needs to go to a foreign clinic for the necessary examination.

Foreign treatment

If the child cannot be cured in clinics where they live, the foundation does everything to provide the necessary treatment abroad. Rarely there are medical cases that doctors cannot cope with. They can’t cope not because they are worse than their foreign counterparts, but because oncological diseases started to develop earlier in the USA, Israel, Germany, England than in other countries. Hospitals are better equipped in these countries, doctors have more experience, so in the most difficult cases we send patients to these countries. The decision on the need for foreign treatment is made by doctors – experts who cooperate with our foundation. We announce the collection of funds for foreign treatment only to those children who cannot be helped in their country of residence. The foundation’s activities are not limited to finding money – the foundation’s staff and doctors look for clinics abroad for the child, send them research results and discuss possible treatment methods with foreign doctors. donation for overseas treatment ”, this may give the child a chance to recover.

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