Andria Svanidze

Andria Svanidze was born with open backbone hernia and hydrocephalus. On the second day of birth he suffered the first surgery, doctors closed his hernia. From birth, he couldn’t move his feet and his head grew excessively fast. When he was 9 months old, he suffered the second surgery, doctors put shunt in his head, which still stays in there and grows with his body. Andria also had feet deformation, which also needed surgery. Little Andria spent a lot of time with gypsum around his body. It was necessary to go through the rehabilitation course. They went in Czechia. Course cost a lot (9000€) but Andria had progress, he started to move his feet and stand on them for seconds. But after visiting another doctor, Andrias parents found out that surgery was made in a wrong way, and it was visually noticeable. Now all Andria and his family need is financial resources to replace the natural pelvis bone with the synthetic one. Underdevelopment of the pelvis bone may cause the deformation of the body. This little boy, Andria needs our help. He needs opportunities to learn, see, and experience a lot of interesting things from this world. We hope for your kindness! We need you!

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